Monday, January 26, 2015

Words That Deserve Wider Use

This site seems to have a pretty good list.

For example, Execrable) Atrocious, wretched, deplorable, extremely inferior.We were appalled to discover that even though he had a master's degree, his spelling was execrable.

Or, Mawkish - Excessively sentimental, sappy, hopelessly trite.To her surprise, Alice found Brian's vows of love embarrassingly mawkish and cloying. Words he probably thought of as lyrical just made her feel sticky, as though she were being painted with molasses.  Not ridiculously obscure one-off words, such as is found in the notorious Mrs. Byrne's Dictionary, which I of course own, but even I don't use. eglomerate, v.t. to unwind jyotishi n. a superior fortuneteller and all-around oracle. There are some recognisable words in it, and others that look like specialised terms that might still be used by someone. But most are quite a stretch, even around here.

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