Saturday, January 03, 2015


I checked my stats today, which I should do more often, as something interesting always shows up. The Influence of Doonesbury, which I posted in June of 2006, was my most-read post of the last week.  Someone must have linked to it.  Also, I had an unusual number of people come to my site directly from Ann Althouse, so someone must have mentioned this site there.  Perhaps the two phenomena are one.


Sam L. said...

I read Annie; recall no mention of you. I do admit my memory is not what it never was.

Christopher B said...

The Instant Man linked to a particularly egregious example of Trudeau mailing it in regarding the UVA fraternity scandal. Someone mentioned in the comments that the new Doonesbury strips only appear on Sundays now so at least there is the possiblity that he was overtaken by events. That might account for people finding your musings on Doonesbury via google. Yours is the #2 post with this search ""

Assistant Village Idiot said...

And a touch gratifying.