Thursday, September 06, 2012

City Of New Orleans

Goodman wrote it, BTW.


Texan99 said...

When my neighbors and I were playing music together, we'd often go to the internet to confirm lyrics and chords so we could share sheet music with each other. I found out that a lot of my notions of who'd written what were dead wrong -- this one in particular.

I was also amazed to find that Michael Nesmith of the Monkeys wrote "Different Drum," which I was sure had been composed by Carole King.

Grandma Bee said...

Love the original rhythm, instead of Arlo's draggy version.

AVI, as a baseball fan, you might like Goodman's "Dying Cub Fan's Last Request." When Goodman died, one of the Chicago TV stations (I forget which) used that song and clips of assorted Cubs errors from the 1984 season (when the Cubs were actually pretty good; they just ran out of gas in the playoffs).


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Well Carole King and Neil Sedaka wrote just about everything, so it's a natural mistake. Leon Russell wrote "This Diamond Ring."

GB - great link.