Friday, April 22, 2011

The Ocean, and Family Culture

Walking on the beach in Scituate and looking at the precariously-placed summer houses, I commented that I couldn't see the attraction. Tracy pointed out that there was the view of the ocean: "It's always different."

"No it's not," I answered. "It's always the same."

I said this merely to be clever in a particular way. I'm not certain I really meant it. But it is the sort of thing Jonathan or Ben would say, and they weren't there, so I said it for them.


Sam L. said...

Well, it's just "water. water. everywhere..." all the time. But there's storms, and good weather, and ships and boats, and that ridiculous amount of upkeep on the house, and all that damned SAND!

Wyman said...

I actually would have said, "people like having things to stare at. That's why we have televisions."