Sunday, April 10, 2011

Groundhog Day For Serious?

So, there's a movie coming out this summer about a guy who keeps repeating time until he stops a terrorist attack - sort of like Groundhog Day for serious?

This is why we should write our ideas down and get credit for them. I was on this one forty years ago. At the time, the idea was to keep working this prison break in Siberia (Ivan Denisovitch was in my mind) until I got it right. Later it became the Maramures political prison in Romania. The year kept changing, but the idea was the same: rescuing the prisoners, blowing up the prison, making sure only certifiably evil guys got killed, not just the more helpless guards or cooks who just needed a job.

I thought it a rather embarrassingly simple adventure and plot, not worth mentioning out loud.

Guess not.

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Wyman said...

The movie in question is more about parallel universes - the creators of a program think they are tapping into the memories of the people on the train that blew up, but are actually taping into offsplitting universes. The goal being to figure out what went wrong and - when returning to your own universe - to capture and imprison the attackers before similar events occur.

It sort of felt like a 60's sci-fi short story, fleshed out into a whole film.