Thursday, February 24, 2011


When you drop off a son at the international departures terminal, and he's been talking about being based in Norway and Romania for 3-4 years - even though you know this is the son whose plans tend to change more rapidly - you can't help but watch as he goes through the last screening in view and think "Is this the last time I shall ever look at him?"

Perhaps it gets more difficult as it repeats, or maybe I'm just more easily moved to tears as I grow older, but this was harder than sending him off to the Marines, even though statistically, that was far more dangerous.

Story to follow, most of it good, despite my initial catastrophising.


MaxedOutMama said...

Paternal separation anxiety?

Yeah, it hurts.

Erin said...

Speaking of sons in far away lands, I meant to ask you last time I saw you both if son #3 was planning to stay out in Alaska. Have heard talk that the friend who invited him out there originally is looking for work in a less remote location.
...and hoping all goes well for #4 and his interesting plans.