Wednesday, February 17, 2010


We will be heading to NC (Camp Lejeune) and VA (William & Mary) starting this weekend. I don't know how much I'll keep up with this. Maybe Jonathan will write something.

We are taking the train from Boston to Richmond and back. We'll see if we like traveling like that. Our last train trip was from Bucharest to Oradea to pick up two sons in 2001.


Anonymous said...

Gad, the last time I was a Camp Lejuene, NC was in...hmmm...1986. Ah, the thrilling days of yesteryear! I was a Sgt there in 1964-5, a Lt there in 1968-9. It is much bigger and lots of newer buildings now, I'm told.

Ah, I miss the Marines every day. This, pretty much, is true for many who wore the Eagle, Globe and Anchor. My salute to your son who is serving.

Semper Fi,

LtCol William Curtis USMC (Ret) 1958-1991 Pvt-SSgt and 2ndLt-LtCol

Retriever said...

Have a great trip and visit! And yay for your son! God bless him.

Did you ever post anything about that fateful train trip? I remember some great posts about the boys, but your first meeting would make great reading.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, I forgot something...but then often do.

1. Tell us how the train compared to those in Europe. My bride and I have been on mega trains in Europe and the UK...we've just come from Australia where the trains are very good also. Latest time on AMTRAK was awful.

2. If you're still down there...don't pass up a look see of Yorktown National Battlefield. It is still, I think, maintain by the Park Service and is a delight to go through. Williamsburg is also very interesting. Gad, VA is chuck full of Revolutionary and Civil War "stuff".

Bon Voyage

LtCol William Curtis late of America's Corps of Marines