Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I follow xkcd off-and-on. I like it because of the math geekiness, but it's got a strong generational flavor and appeals more to my sons. This comic, which Insty linked to, clearly applies more to my second son, whose GF is going to art school in Philly in six months. But that type of overthinking he gets from his parents. We have bequeathed different kinds of overthinking to him, so he carries a 75% version of both.

He seems to be managing.

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Just dropping by to commend your comment at PJM anent Fortuyn and Wilders. It's a masterful, incisive take-down of the leftist mindset, and illustrates well how truly dense and unreflective is its material. Good luck to you, and to us all. Live free or die!