Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Honey Honey

Never heard of the song. Didn't follow ABBA at all back in the day. I've adopted them because of the irony and the amazing traffic they drive to my site.

I was too proud to listen to disco groups like ABBA. I was too cool. I had an image to keep up. So I missed watching Swedish girls in fancy costumes dance.

Yeah, I were a ruddy genius then, weren't I?


akafred said...

AVI - If you really want to draw people to your site you need to get creative with your headlines - taking clues from the most popular web searches. So your next blog should read: "Taylor Swift to develop an Abba tribute show to raise funds for Michael Vicks' dogs and cute, but lonely, vampires."

Michael said...

The only reason I was familiar with the song is that we rented "Mamma Mia" the Abba musical. I had an older brother with the same contempt for this type of music as you had, so I wouldn't touch it. But why does this song bring me back to "Sugar Sugar" the monster hit by the Archies in the lates 60's?

Sam L. said...

Somehow I had missed the fact that these were BABES!

Unknown said...

HeY! I am a great ABBA fan. Got their entire collection and the works!They inspired a whole generation. You missed something. This is Ben from Israeli Uncensored News