Sunday, November 01, 2009

Best of August 2006

Events in the Middle-East, and the reasoning by progressives about them, were in prominence that month. Some folks believe they can't negotiate with their ex-husband, or agency management, or Republicans, but you can negotiate with Hezbollah and Nasrallah. Religious liberals reject the principles of the health-and-wealth gospel, but think the same approach works just fine with international peace efforts. A third group cannot chuck their favorite soapbox even for a moment. Copithorne was in the comments section then.

I made fun of the French, who are now making more sense than we are in international relations. Things change rapidly, don't they?

I had three more general thought pieces, about Shame Cultures and Guilt Cultures in The Civil War (I'm sorry, I meant the War of Northern Aggression); how slowly ideas got exchanged in the past and how quickly they do now; and my little contribution to the Free Will/Determinism debate, Freer Will.

I also linked to articles over at City Journal which remain pertinent.

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