Thursday, October 15, 2009

Evolution and Young Earth Creationism - 1A

I'm still working on the next section. For now, just keep thinking of that man from Mars dropping by every 100,000 years and seeing no change for a coupla dozen visits. Last two journal entries, at 200,000 years ago and 100,000 years ago:
21. No change to report. This batch got smarter than the other apes and then stopped dead. I think we should drop them.

22. There might be some hints of progress here, but I'm probably imagining things because I want to see it. Hope springs eternal in the Martian gazorninplat and all that.

Or, if 100,000 years is too big to imagine, think of it in 10,000 year increments - hundreds of them since the Laetoli footprints - with no change. That is, if grant money for Martian academics survives that many disappointments.
335. Worst career choice ever, studying humans. Mother told me to go into retail and I should've listened.


Doug W said...

It is interesting to compare say how much humans advanced in 100,000 year increments from 2.3 million years and seeing no advances, to maybe 1000 year increments 10,000 years ago to 500 year increments 2000 years ago to 100 year increments 500 years ago to... to weekly increments now. Its amazing to consider how advancement has increased exponentially

jaed said...

Although that exponentiality actually makes complete sense when one contemplates how much advances build on previous advances.