Sunday, October 04, 2009

Deja Vu All Over Again

Jonathan is fixing Kyle's computer. Therefore, Kyle is using our computer. He is playing an online game that uses lots of memory. Our computer now easily freezes up.

I know this conversation. I have been through it with four previous sons. No, it's not anything I'm doing. It's not this game that's causing the freezing up. Must be something else. Not me.

Do I even want to get into this conversation again? Sigh.


akafred said...

I hear you, AVI. Our home computer didn't start working right until our daughters got their own laptops sometime in high school. And daughters don't usually embrace on-line games the way boys do!

karrde said...

That's a phrase that is heard routinely by IT staff (as well as parents).

I didn't do anything...except for this, that and the other...but they shouldn't have any effect!

There are ways to keep children (or employees) from doing anything that would hurt the system. However, on most Windows-based systems, such methods also make the system nearly unusable. (Especially for the kinds of things kids like to do on a computer.)