Sunday, October 04, 2009

Bat For Lashes

This British alt-rock singer disables the Youtube embeds, but you might sample her song Daniel there anyway. It's what you'd get if Grace Slick enslaved Mummenshanz. Another song, "What's a Girl To Do?" is uh, Beatrix Potter on acid.


Retriever said...

Our family are fans. The kid and her beau heard her live recently.

Gringo said...

Scale of 0-5, of the Beatrix Potter,which I thought had better visuals than the other

Cinematography 4
Attractiveness of singer 4.5
song 1
voice 1

jlbussey said...

"Daniel" is actually a pretty good song, although the video is way too weird for me.

Beatrix Potter on acid is a pretty apt description of the other...

Ben Wyman said...

She also has a lovely cover of Kings Of Leon's "Use Somebody," which I have a feeling is gonna be one of those "everybody covers it for two years" songs. I will bet 100 dollars, right now, that it gets performed at least twice on American Idol this season.

I've always loved the "What's a Girl To Do" video - the moment where the bikers come out from behind the singer's just so great.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Hey, I've actually heard of Kings of Leon! Kyle must be having an effect.