Thursday, February 05, 2009

Reading The List

The salaries of state employees is now available online, and they were the subject of much discussion at work today. I don't have much interest, but couldn't help but being exposed to the irritation (or outrage) expressed over the salaries of known incompetents in the system. Most people read the first few pages, looking at the salaries in descending order and tut-tutting over many entries. Look at the a**holes who make more than me!"

One could start reading the list from the bottom, however, noting those people who work harder than you do at thankless tasks, but get paid less.

Update: I should note that I write this as one who is a NH state employee, and those commenting around me are as well.


Boethius said...

Since all the members of my family work for the State of NH, we have been hearing comments about it as well. I must admit, I have always felt a sense of security having my loved ones work for the State. I knew they could make more money in the private sector while the boon years were occurring but I prefer the stability and security when times get tough. It is a good gig to have.

Donna B. said...

Competence does not translate directly to higher pay. This has not been proven true for incompetence.