Sunday, September 09, 2007

Oh Yeah, Sorry

While writing the last post, I completely overlooked that there are a few people reading who would care what my conclusions were on the Equalized Attempted-Justice Career Home Run List, Except Not Counting Japanese or Old Minor Leagues, Negro Leagues And Everyone Who Got Hurt.

A good sabermetrician could probably poke holes in these numbers, but here's my estimate of what the equalized home run totals are:

Aaron 780

Ruth 728

Mays 715

Williams 691

Killebrew 680

Robinson 606

Bonds 600

Griffey 593

Jackson 575

Gehrig 563

Schmidt 560

Mantle 552

Murray 547

Banks 532

Mathews 530

Rodriguez 513

Thomas 508

Foxx 506

Thome 496

McGriff 493

Ramirez, Sheffield and Delgado all have some chance to break into this top 20 soon.

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