Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Looking up a neurologist today, I discovered that she had trained at the University of Novosibirsk. I am not well-up on Russian cities, still less universities, so I didn’t recognize the name. All hail search engines.

Is third-largest city in Russia! “More then 100 years ago Alexander III Russian emperor pointed out in his rescript to his heir that it is necessary "to connect by inner railway net the Siberian regionswhich are richest with gifts of Nature". Thus, building of Great Siberian Railway has begun.”
More charming history.

Third largest, and I’d never heard of it.

Remote. Skverno Remote. If you travel from Ireland to Novosibisrk, Moscow is only halfway. I hadn’t realized that Russia, Mongolia, China, and Kazakhstan all come together in an “X” in the middle of Asia. That’s about 100 miles from Novosibirsk. Ben, when Paul Shirley goes to play for Kazan deep in Russia in that basketball book – past that. Where Kazan went to a distant road game that even they didn’t like – past that. You have to sort of wonder what medical training in such a place is like. On the other hand, Russia has been good at producing neurologists for a long time.

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Anonymous said...

"If you travel from Ireland to Novosibisrk, Moscow is only halfway."

When ever I think of Texas as big, I'll think of this statement. Wow, that is some distance.