Monday, August 28, 2006

UNH Tries To Be Cutting Edge

You've got a professor who believes 9/11 was a government conspiracy? Hey, we've got one too. No more looking at tiny New Hampshire as some sort of cultural backwater that doesn't keep up with the latest trends. And we're near Cambridge, too, so "nyah, nyah, nyah."

Do you know why Dr. William Woodward's theory is more believable than the other wankers out there who believe in conspiracies? Because this psychology prof thinks it was an elite group within the government that did it. That covers all your possible objections, you see, because whatever contrary evidence you put forward, well, an elite group could handle that. Secretly planting explosives throughout buildings scores of stories high? No problem. This is an elite group, remember? They can do things like that. Tricking Arabs into taking flying lessons, getting on the right planes, and thinking it's their own idea? Piece o' cake. These elite groups are very good at infiltrating foreign terrorist cells. Not anymore, of course, because now the Arabs are onto us. But it was easy, then.

People who believe Elvis is alive - who does it hurt, really? Believe that chocolate formed itself into a passable Virgin Mary? No harm. Even if you're a rock-hard creationist, it's hard to see how you're slowing the march of science nationally, though I suppose a case could be made on statistical grounds. But crap like this does affect the national will sufficiently to interfere with our ability to defend ourselves. Dr. Woodward may not just be wasting the taxpayer's money.

Nah. It's too ridiculous for people to believe, isn't it?


Erin said...

I finally got around to seeing "V for Vendetta" this past weekend. I think this guy just saw the same movie and was inspired to be conspiracy-savvy. You're right about the elitist move; it's along the same lines as faking genious--if you can pull it off, few will speak out against you.

Anonymous said...

AVI, Perhaps this "professor" of psychology is an "elite" member of the conspiracy and that is how he knows so much... I mean, after all, being an elite himself can't be denied, can it?

ELC said...

But crap like this does affect the national will sufficiently to interfere with our ability to defend ourselves. You are right, and it is very dangerous to us all.

I tend to think that all the conspiracy mongering has been engendered by too much fiction. 150 years ago, fiction played almost no role in the life of the average person. Now, with cheap paperback novels, round-the-clock TV, and a new batch of movies out every week, most of us are mightily influenced by fiction, whether we know it or want it.

(I wonder what the psych bloggers might think about my theory.)

The irony here is, I guess, that if anybody had written a novel about Moslem terrorists using airplanes as missiles to attack skyscrapers, it might have been deemed too outlandish. ;-)

Assistant Village Idiot said...

The intersection between fiction and beliefs...

Right up my alley. I'm going to bet it's up neo-neocon's as well. Let me think about this.

Anonymous said...



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