Saturday, August 19, 2006

Personal Photoshopping

I just clicked past an ad for "Hypoderm," or probably "Hydroderm" that promises to make you look younger without botox. The picture of the woman's face is divided down the middle, with one side having more grey tone to the skin color in an easy photoshop move.

What a great idea! Look younger by photoshopping yourself! An idea whose time has come. Someday soon a woman "putting on her face" in the morning might be more literally true.

Yet for me it will be like the Far Side cartoon "Of course, now we're equally screwed." Relying on my fine-motor coordination for beauty is likely to be about as effective as genetics plus personal habits has been.

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Old Wacky Hermit said...

I think I've seen that ad. Is the woman kind of horse-faced with blotchy skin? You'd think they'd have picked a model who looked more attractive without the wrinkles than with them.