Monday, June 14, 2021

Not Really Lightening Up After Heavy

The first part is a lot of the usual dancing, with me sure I know many of them as they first come into view. We used to call that dancing, until we paid more attention to the black kids and got de-honkified. A lttle, anyway.  Not much you can do with Swedes. So I picked up at the 10:15 mark. (Update: Eh, it's doing that thing where it won't let me again. If you just want the Airplane, you'll have to go to 10:15 yourself.  Usually the system relents and lets me start where I want after a day or two.)

So lava lamp, a pagan nun look, psychedelic tie, weird stuff draped on people, one band member looking bored, and pretty good musicianship, really.  Jorma especially.

I didn't stay for the whole interview at the end, but left it in for you.


Mike Guenther said...

Notice that all the male dancers were wearing ties and the female dancers all wore mid-thigh length skirts or dresses.

Speaking of Jefferson Airplane, after their name change to Jefferson Starship, I went to their concert at Lorelei, Germany in 1978. There was a riot because after suffering through a German band called Brand X and listening to Leo Kotke, the stage manager came out and said that Starship was cancelling their performance because Grace Slick was sick, (read as really drunk or drugged out.)

Atlanta Rhythm Section was also supposed to perform, but had already cancelled a week or so before.

So basically, there were a bunch of unhappy campers at the outdoor venue on the Rhine River and it had started to rain. Most of the concert goers were service members and they were drunk/stoned. So they started throwing empty beer and wine bottles at the stage. Eventually, they stormed the stage destroying and stealing equipment. Me and my buddies retreated to the top of the hill and watched the spectacle.

The tent over the stage was set on fire and the Bundespolizei came in force with Uzis ready to rumble. Polizei helicopters were flying overhead. It was wild.

Guitarist Craig Chaquico lost his '59 Les Paul custom guitar at that concert. He finally found out who had it in 2016. After a court battle and mediation, the collector who bought it, keeps the guitar and Craig can "borrow" it and play it whenever he wants for concert or recording session.

Pete Sears also recovered his Bass guitar that was stolen at the same concert.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Very good story. Notice that even one of the band members, Spencer Dryden was wearing a tie.

Linda Fox said...

What struck me was how non-professional the dancing was. These were the kids SELECTED to be on stage!
But, they seemed to put so little into their effort.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

That is stunning now, isn't it? That does look like my junior high dances, however, 1965-67. By late highschool and certainly in college people moved more.