Tuesday, January 21, 2020


I leave for Houston this afternoon, returning next week.  I will check in here, but less frequently. I'll try to put something up just to keep the conversation going.  I hope I remember how to sign in.

I will actually be in Spring most of the time, though I will go in to First Methodist Houston with my son Ben, who is Director of Communications there.  West Campus on Sunday @ 11:11am, downtown campus on Tuesday. Come on by if you are in the area.

I'll be working around his house and meeting his friends the rest of the time.


Donna B. said...

I hope you enjoy your stay in Houston.

I have two memorable moments in Houston -- the first being the discovery of variable ratio steering when trying to get my Mom's 70s something yellow Lincoln into the driveway of some hotel. That dadgum car didn't have that sort of steering... and it was ugly. So ugly that I sometimes think I imagined the whole thing... and that it was my fault because I wasn't a good driver. I hated that car.

The next was a few years later when we were staying at a hotel that had a phone in the bathroom. This was years before cell phones and I could not understand why anyone would talk on the phone while on the toilet.

Your memories of Houston are bound to be better!

james said...

Have fun. My wife and youngest daughter will probably get down there next month--relatives and visiting NASA.

Aggie said...

The Medical Center is truly awesome, and of course the museum district is close by as well. I hope you enjoy your stay - I ordered up some sunshine for ya.