Friday, August 31, 2018

Angels Unaware

I am angry at one of my eye surgeon, and I have been rehearsing how to get my complaint across without getting tuned out.  It hasn't been going well, and I keep getting worked up, remembering to exhale, getting worked up, remembering to exhale, etc.

I went out to do an errand and ran into one of my patients from years ago.  He is on the short list of most frightening and dangerous when sick, but gentle and sweet when well.  He was very happy to see me, and wanted to tell me about his job nearby and how well things are going for him. While it is true that he has caused enormous difficulty for both family and bystanders, it is also true that he has had a very, very hard life.

God sent him.  My life is not that hard.


Donna B. said...

Yes. Thank you (and your former patient) for reminding me.

Texan99 said...

Good lesson, but also I want to ask, is your eye giving you bad trouble? I was so hoping you'd have a successful surgery. Eye troubles can make us very, very anxious, and doctors should be willing to listen rather than defensively tune us out. I hope you do find a non-confrontational way to get your point across and that your doctor behaves well about it. In the best case, he'll benefit from knowing what went wrong.