Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I now don't pay much attention to the bottom of my sidebar. I use the top as an effective way to go to common sites. HBDchick just had a post after 10 months - to apologise about not posting.  She did give a link to her twitter account, which seems to be pretty active, if one wants to keep up with her material. Unz Review was originally put on solely to link to Steve Sailer after he moved there, but one can't link to him alone.  It is an alt-media site, probably a plurality alt-right, but there's at least two apologists for the communists and their descendants, a slew of writers who believe the Jews are the center of our problems in the Middle East, a small flock of guys with deep demographic concerns, and some genuine unclassifiables. I recommend you go over once in a while to really get outside the mainstream media. I no longer click most of them, having previously established what their monomanias are, but sometimes even the worst of them puts up an intriguing bit worth reading into the third paragraph or so. I make myself fight through some of them, just to hear.

I should edit, I should add.  I probably won't.


DOuglas2 said...

I use your sidebar for the same purpose -- even if you haven't updated since my last visit, I can see whether those you link have. I never bother with Unz, but the others are very high SNR.

james said...

Can't you use http://www.unz.com/isteve/?

Assistant Village Idiot said...

When I put it in it doesn't save that way. Haven't retried in a while.