Saturday, December 03, 2016


I should have mentioned that I put in for retirement 1/1/2017.  I will return to work part-time in February, and my plan to work about 1/3 time has no endpoint. I am almost 64.  We will see what happens.  I will be off for the month of January and plan to walk in the woods a lot.

It's interesting that I know exactly where they will need me at work, and where my time will be wasted, but I don't have entire confidence they will ever figure that out. Still, I will make more there than I would greeting at WalMart, so they can send me wherever they want.


Sam L. said...

Congrats, and my best wishes it works out as you expect

Uncle Bill said...

Congratulations. I retired a few years ago, and occasionally younger folks ask me how it is has been. My pat reply is, "I highly recommend it!" Although, I should qualify that by saying that my last couple of years at work were really unpleasant. But I don't regret retiring at all. Hope you have the same good experience.