Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Harder List

One of my dreams is to be that guy in the nursing home who, when the church youth group comes around to carol and asks if I have any favorites, requests "Once In Royal David's City," just to watch them blanch.  The answers to the first batch are coming up shortly.

Answers to this batch, now here

26.  CROAOFJFNAYN_______________________________________________________
27.  IBTLALLC_____________________________________________________________
28.  OLTOBHSWSTL________________________________________________________ 
29.  SBRAYLITLSIG_________________________________________________________
30.  RATCT_________________________________________________________________
31.  IBHFC_________________________________________________________________
32.  WWYAMCWWYAMC___________________________________________________
33.  IHTBOCD______________________________________________________________
34.  FTSWAJHS_____________________________________________________________
35.  JOSNLYETW___________________________________________________________
36.  GKWLOOTFOS_________________________________________________________
37.  UOTHRPOJGOSC_______________________________________________________
38.  GRYMGLNYD__________________________________________________________
39.  IHABCWY______________________________________________________________
40.  CICTGIGF_____________________________________________________________
41.  IDWALFC______________________________________________________________
42.  HWCA-W______________________________________________________________
43.  ITMWTOTY____________________________________________________________
44.  CSBSDIHS______________________________________________________________
45.  HTHASGTTNK_________________________________________________________
46.  OTWOIF_______________________________________________________________
47.  AIAMNCFAB___________________________________________________________
48.  AWHHOHSSOTP________________________________________________________
49.  ITBMFWMM___________________________________________________________
50.  OCOCE________________________________________________________________
51.  STNWTTLL____________________________________________________________
52.  ISTSCSIOCDOCD_______________________________________________________
53.  AFTROGWYFOATE_____________________________________________________


Texan99 said...

From the two lists, I got everything but:


17 was sneaky.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

#3 is similarly sneaky. Had I said "Chanukah/Hannukah songs are included" they would have been too easy. Not saying anything makes them too hard. The answers for that list are now linked at that post.

I thought #14 was going to be easy, but almost no one has gotten it. Everyone wants to go to either Ho Ho Ho or Holy Holy and then gotten stuck there, unable to get those out of their heads.

22 and 44 are difficult in the same way. They are first lines, but the title of the songs are the much more familiar choruses.

Donna B. said...

Give me enough time (say 20 years...) and I'm sure I'll come up with an excuse as to why I only got 2... maybe 3 of these. No... I'll need multiple excuses. One won't do.

I don't do well with Soduko either. Obviously, I need softer disciplines within which to excel. I once completed an USA Today crossword puzzle in ink while eating breakfast. Does that count?