Thursday, November 03, 2016

Looks Presidential

I recall decades ago reading about voters who cooed about which candidate looked more presidential and thinking those must be the less-educated, soap-opera watching*citizens who had never heard of Nietzsche and were easily swayed by Madison Avenue into buying hundreds of dollars of useless lawn and laundry products.

The was some quasi-conservative in 2008 who was impressed with Obama's pantleg crease - was it David Brooks? There has also been an unending stream of comments about how classy Barack and Michelle look, but I always took that as little more than a calculated sneer at conservatives of "See?  Black people can look really good dressed up you racist bigots."  They look fine.  Presidents and First Ladies are supposed to have a good sense (or hire people with good sense and listen to them) of occasion, and they have done that.  But I regard all that commentary as essentially neutral.

But this year I keep hearing elite liberals - graduate degree and/or wealthy liberals - so impressed that Hillary "looks so presidential."  (I can't recall any conservative using phrases like that in my lifetime.) What? Does that matter? I grant that Trump looks a little strange in terms of World Leader, but I thought ignoring that sort of thing was where liberalism originally came in.  Not judging people for long hair or not wearing ties.  Looking beyond tattoos and piercings.

Guess not.  I guess that was just a ruse.  Mean girls. Your dress is so 1974, Linda.

* A prejudice I might have reversed a full 180 at this point.


Sam L. said...

Following the guidance from those they think are "above" them; i.e., following the Party line. Deviationists are punished, you know.

Edith Hook said...

For me, the personalities are secondary to the Economy.
It's about preserving Middle America and its ethic. People who care about the American Bill of Rights,  American sovereignty, energy independence, economic growth, and a vibrant working Middle class will vote Trump.  Those who are satisfied with a stagnant economy, that serves special interests (K Street and the Davos caste), and long to live in a transnational flophouse, they’ve got Hillary. Pretty simple, eh?
Workers vrs the Sneaky, Scheming, Smirkers, who "game the system" to feather their own nests, at the expense of others. I hope the voters who are concerned for their economic livelihoods, and their children's future standard of living, prevail. It is all pretty meaningless unless and until America has a working economy.

Sam L. said...

It was Brooks.