Sunday, March 20, 2016

Violence Theory

My theory about violence in the culturally liberal and conservative camps seems to be holding up.  You will notice that Trump supporters are not going over to Sanders and Clinton rallies to get in people's faces.  They are hunkering down, waiting for the protestors to come to them and then planning to hit back.  This is much like my earlier description of conservatives settling in with food and supplies and daring Obama, or the feds, or FEMA or whatever to come to them.  Liberals, or at least the activist kind, are much more prone to be aggressive, even when they adopt a superficial pacifism and try to goad others into violence.  Those guys in Oregon occupied government property, after it was closed for the season.  OWS occupied government property in city parks, disruption thousands of people as much as possible.

It's liberals and conservatives in terms of the type of symbolism they respond to, of course.  There's not a lot of classic conservative or liberal theory behind it.  It's tribal.


Boxty said...

The American Revolution started when the Red Coats came to steal the colonist's weapons. The French Revolution started when the mobs went to steal weapons from the Bastille.

Boxty said...
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