Sunday, March 20, 2016


Or Hitlertrump.  Whatever. This criticism applies to my own generation.  Those younger may not have been around this carousel enough times.

I'm getting tired of everyone being Hitler, and then, miraculously, no one gets sent to death camps, or even labor camps. And no group is forbidden to own businesses and has their shopwindows broken - except a few of the Christians who were purportedly part of this Hitlerism, so that's not playing out. I believed in Nixonhitler, and I believed in Reaganhitler, at least in 1976.  Maybe in 1980, as well, though doubt was setting in.

Each time, when the multiplicity of Hitlers is challenged as improbable, the assurance comes back "Well, yeah, but this time it's really true."  I am reminded of Bullwinkle trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat. "This time for sure!"  The idea that he is Hitler c. 1931, not yet dangerous but any day now, as soon as he gets some power, watch out, is ludicrous. He is crude and petty.  He shoots from the hip rather than thinking about things. I think he is adopting whatever positions will bring him cheers, but even if he is sincere, he is nativist and populist, not racist and fascist. He thinks he'll be able to just give orders, but a good fascist would actually have worked out how the system can be gamed so that he can do things quasi-legally. When thwarted, Trump just picks up a new stick and swings that.

I have seen comparisons drawn to William Jennings Bryan and to Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I find those more apt.

I'm at 180 degrees on this Hitler thing now.  If someone makes the Hitler accusation, I conclude they are covering up for Hitlers of their own.  I suspect their group more than the group accused.  If you're the first one to go full Godwin in the discussion, I start looking for projection. If you think you need to go ALL CAPS so that people out there will wake up and see how serious this is, I'm betting you haven't considered the possibility that your opponents have actually heard this before. I don't think I'm the only one who has that automatic counter-reaction at this point. For persuasive reasons, if for no others, if you think someone is really very much like Hitler you are probably better off describing that some other way.


james said...

Or racism. To accusations of racism in this country my 0'th order response is to ask what the accusers' agenda is. Which isn't to say there isn't aplenty, abroad and here, but way too many claims here turned out to be unfounded or irrelevant.

BTW, if I microaggress against someone 30 times/day, can I persuade them to wait 90 years for a full apology?

(So far blogger treats microaggression as a spelling error...)

Sam L. said...

Boy, howdy, they DO project.

lelia said...

I hope this leads you to the picture I mean to send you:

Assistant Village Idiot said...

@Lelia: It did and it's great. You will notice in the comments people started immediately on "Well, yeah, but this time it's true."

herfsi said...

how many "the new Dylan"s? can we take? :) even the old Dylan is no longer the new Dylan.

someone could be the new "themselves" & be a bit different from others yet overlap on some characteristics.
(or he could be more similar to somebody from the future, but we can't say "same as the future Regnario!")

if i share 98% of genes with a chimpanzee, but only 45-55% with my sister,
then how can, oh wait - the chimpanzee must have a sister!

we're probably all genetically 70-80% similar to Hitler. AND to Dylan.

i may yet vote for trump, just b/c it's still legal & it seems to make some people mad:)

Assistant Village Idiot said...

@ herfsi - you are on a roll.

Unknown said...

It's not like we haven't heard this malarkey since 1960. I could rationalize voting for Trump to defy the smear campaign, but then I am an incorrigible recalcitrant. I can't help defending Trump supporters; it's like reflexive.
It came as a surprise that the GOP is going all out on a 100 day anti-Trump ad campaign, since I thought they already had, and that jt worked so well.

Anonymous said...

Don't get Reaganhitler. He only fired the atc's because they broke the law. Brought the US back from the devastation of the Carter years. If Trump & Cankles are the choices, I'll take the one that has openly broke fewer laws, DT