Saturday, September 06, 2014


I will hit half-a-million hits in the next day or so - which isn't true.  If you come to my site, hit a comments link, post a comment, and return to the main page, that counts as four hits. Even removing my own hits, which only seemed fair, the real total of visitors to the site is likely 20% of the stated number.  Still, that is more people than generally listen to me in any other context, so it's all good.  My two oldest sons have likely learned as much about me here as live over the last fifteen years.  The other three boys, not at all.  I could insult them here daily and they would never hear of it.

Thank you, one and all.  Whenever I search for a previous post I am amazed at my early brilliance and tempted to link to old stuff.  I used to, doing a "Best of December 2006" type of post in December 2007 and all that.  Yet there is something about this medium, that it is essentially a conversation, that gets lost in reprises.

Just to humor me, though, pick an month from an earlier year and just go see what I wrote then. Some of you will find that your own comments at the time were pretty sharp as well.

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james said...

I tried a random 3 from 2010, and I "lucked out" and hit the 61-comment thread post. No comments from me :-)

But yes, I still link some of your posts elsewhere. And a few comments would be post-worthy if one could bring along the context as well.