Saturday, April 05, 2014

Political Discussion

Another day on my FB feed in which the political argument consists of no positive arguments, only statements about how evil and hypocritical the opposition is. Usually it's got a (theoretically) witty poster, with lots of people who I mercifully am not acquainted with hitting the like button.  YEAH!  Preach it!

So. Three more people off my feed and into the background.  I mostly just follow my children.  Someone new requests to be my friend I nearly always accept, but everyone pretty quickly gets sent to the far reaches of the galaxy.


james said...

With several illnesses in the family, Facebook is a centralized way to follow what's going on. So I endure some of the nonsense. "Follow" is the critical word here: I pretty much never post anything of interest.

jaed said...

I do wish Facebook had a "no politics from this person, but let me see cute photos of their kids and important mentions of family and so on" setting.

Donna B. said...

Yes. A no politics setting would be wonderful. I'd also like a no wooscience setting.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I didn't know what woo science was, but looked it up and agree entirely.

Anonymous said...

the political argument consists of no positive arguments

i'm surprised someone so smart takes american politics seriously.

it's professional wrestling.

the us is a commercial oligarchy.