Friday, November 22, 2013

National Lampoon Vs Others

Steve Sailer reprised the 1977 issue of National Lampoon's JFK Fifth Inaugural Issue and has come back to that general theme at least two more times in the last few days.

Humor doesn't always wear well - it is rather by definition a product of its time for full effect - and you might not have found that style funny even then.  My wife thought it coarse when we were in college.  Which is true.  It still has the power to offend, as last year there was a push to boycott the magazine because of the offensive cover cover of the 1973 Death Issue:

People didn't read the cover too closely, apparently. The campaign died a quick death as folks figured out there was nothing to boycott.

Sailer has been contrasting NL with the current edgy online humor mag The Onion.  I like the latter, but I take his point.  They would never dare to do a JFK issue that outrageous even now, fifty years later.  PJ O'Rourke, the managing editor, did it less than 15 years after.

So too with The Simpsons and South Park, which have been regarded as rather brave in their outrageousness.  Not even close.


gcochran said...

1. North Korean MIG pilots shooting down Santa Claus. "Eat Death, bloated lackey of the capitalist toy mongers!"

2. delegate from Chappaquiddick surprising Teddy at the 1972 convention

3. Trojan Panda opening up, troops coming out.

4. Volkswagen ad

The Mad Soprano said...

That is just too funny.