Saturday, November 02, 2013


So this simple lifestyle is very Portland to NoCal. It's much cuter and Cascadia-looking than a Winnebago or an Airstream, sure.  But how is it different, really?

And yet the woman seems to be congratulating herself on doing something noble, good for the planet, good for your character.  Better than you.

Tribe.  It is all about advertising what tribe you are in.


Donna B. said...

Maybe she didn't have a playhouse when she was a little girl.

james said...

Maybe I just missed it, but I didn't see any reference to children in the article. I can imagine that there might be benefits to moving them from place to place and making sure they never have much stuff, but kids seem to like stability and traditions.
Or does she consider kids a kind of possession?

Sam L. said...

James, I think she's talking about the cat and the dog. I saw no evidence of child or children.

james said...