Monday, October 24, 2011


Since I'm not part of the 1%, I must be part of the 99%.  As such, does anyone think I would be welcomed by the 99% Declaration Working Groups for my state if I tried to enter the discussion?  I could be a real pill of course, and call them on it and encourage all sorts of people completely unsympathetic to their ideas to sign up to be part of the Working Group discussions.

Yet though this would indeed point up their logical error, it strikes me a juvenile tactic.


Sam L. said...

Well, they're all juveniles themselves. I say, go for it! You're old enough to know how to play their game better than they can imagine. Candy from babies, and watching them beclown themselves.

karrde said...

There are already signs that the would-be-99% are facing organizational issues.

The method of problem-solving by having long discussions of a Central Committee is leading to trouble. (At least, according to the story offered here.)

It is hard to enter such meetings and disagree with everything said without taking on the mantle of troll-hood. Not to say that I would feel sad in doing so...just that it would require so much effort on my part.

Now I suspect I know why trolling is so common online.