Friday, August 26, 2011

Identical Twins

There is currently a run on articles trying to generally invalidate the idea of identical twins. Steve Sailer, predictably, is all over the issue, and notices some of the undercurrent motives.
Over the last few decades, Galton's older half-cousin Charles Darwin has been promoted from secular sainthood to his current role as the Jesus of Atheists. But, the rise of Darwininsm in prestige has not been an unmitigated blessing to the world, so Galton has come to play the role of scapegoat, or devil. Since Darwin, the secular redeemer, is, by definition, above sin, all sins associated with Darwinism must be the fault of the designated devil, Galton.
Sailer, among others, are noting that these genetic differences between identical twins are not especially important in terms of the research we use twin-ness for. Related links at his site.


Sam L. said...

My dad was a twin. I think I can tell him from his twin in photos (most of them) pretty reliably. He told me that in college, most people couldn't.

Both had a son and a daughter. My sister is older. My uncle's son was older. My cousin got married in the same church I did, but a year and a half earlier, and half a year before I met I met the woman who would be my wife. Not that that's significant.

Gringo said...

For some psych class back in the 1970s I read a bunch of studies about identical twins raised apart. The similarities were uncanny.