Monday, August 29, 2011


The Pew Research typology, arrived at by factor analysis rather than theoretical constructs of what a liberal or conservative are, identifies three types of Democrat.

I make statements about liberals frequently, without making that distinction, which possibly indicates that I am not making it mentally as much as I should, either. In addition to Solid Liberals, there are New Coalition Democrats or Hard-Pressed Democrats. When I am writing, I usually mean only the first of the three. That is the media and academy group that is most prominent, and it is the group I come out of.

I apologise to anyone unfairly caught in the generalisation.


seo affiliate program said...

its now clarified.

Sam L. said...

What? Only two kinds of Republicans? Clearly, these Pew folks have limited intelligence.

Gringo said...

Sam:What? Only two kinds of Republicans? Clearly, these Pew folks have limited intelligence.

Sam, didn't you know that Pubs don't have as much NUANCE as Demos?

There are 4 groups in the 2011 survey that lean Republican: the Conservatives, Libertarians, and Disaffecteds- as shown by voting against Obama in 2012.

Here is a comparison of 2005 categories with its 2011 equivalents.

Social Conservatives
Pro-government Conservatives
Disaffected, 2011: Disaffected
Liberals, 2011: solid liberals
Conservative Democrats,
Disadvantaged Democrats.; 2011: Hard-Pressed Democrats
Bystanders. 2011: Bystanders

2011 not in 2005
New Coalition Democrats
Staunch Conservatives
Main Street Republicans (Less enamored of business than the Staunch Conservatives)

2005 Disaffecteds leaned Republican though a high proportion of Independent. 2011 Disaffecteds also lean Republican: 48/22 against Obama in 2012.

I was an Enterpriser in 2005, and Libertarian in 2011.