Monday, September 20, 2010

Fun With the Hot Story of the Week

Robert Stacy McCain has already noted that the big complaint against Christine O'Donnell is that "She Turned Me Into A Newt," but I don't think enough has been made of the timeline on this witchcraft-dabbling. At the time, First Lady Hillary Clinton was holding seances and trying to channel Eleanor Roosevelt. O'Donnell should just say she took Hillary as a role-model and figured it was all right.

OTOH, any 19 y/o who was trying to contact the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt would be too weird for words, so maybe she should not put too much weight on that angle.

It bears remembering that for all the sneers - and who knows, the woman may be a flake, I haven't looked into it - she has as much scientific training as any Democrat in the Senate. Which is college introductory level. The Republicans have three physicians and a veterinarian, so they're ahead of her there.


Anna said...

Howie Carr had a thing about Democrats being "Wiccaphobes" like they accuse everyone else of being "-phobes".

jaed said...

A dark-horse candidate appears - someone who's not from a wealthy family, not a longtime politician, has had problems in her life, a common person by any measure. The candidate was moved to run by a growing sense that Washington is hopelessly corrupt and unaccountable, a message that finds popular favor.

This candidate surprisingly defeats a member of the political establishment against great opposition from said establishment. Enraged, establishment figures put her past through a strainer, accusing her of religious heresy and declaring her character sullied thereby.

And these people wagging their fingers about this are Democrats.

I thought I was over my indoctrination about Democrats being sympathetic to the poor and tolerant of unorthodox lifestyle and religion. But I'm seriously feeling like I woke up in the universe where Spock has a beard. Seriously, Democrats? She shouldn't be elected because she dated a guy in high school who called himself a witch?

The whole thing is just bizarre.

Gringo said...

And her opponent called himself a "Bearded Marxist" in 1985 when he was a student at Amherst. By 1985, I would have thought the jury was no longer out. The invasion of Afghanistan. China's abandonment of Maoist dicta in economics began in 1978 when collective farms were abaondoned. The genocide in Cambodia. The publishing of the Gulag Archipelago.

Anyone who in 1985 called himself a Marxist was an ignorant fool.

And of much more consequence for how a US Senator conducts himself than dabbling in witchcraft in high school.