Monday, January 04, 2010


According to Facebook, Ben got bitten by a squirrel. My first thought was that this was some cosmic vengeance for his Squirrel Video from sixth grade (You think that's funny, you monster? Hungry squirrels cast into the snow because of your twisted experiment in creating obstacles for them?), but in truth, woodland creatures were attacking Ben long before that. Skunks on ski-slopes - has anyone else ever encountered one? Maddened quail on the Pemigewasset (what a great title for some art work that would be - a poem, a painting, an album). They came after him long before he dreamed of testing the squirrelproofing of bird feeders, and even before he had chuckled at Tom Lehrer's "Poisoning Pigeons In The Park."

Maybe it's because he panned the movie "Furry Vengeance" on the basis of the trailer, but really, can he be the only one to notice that this looks incredibly stupid, and only trades on the cuteness of small animals to sell itself?

OTOH, why should I expect forest creatures to have an accurate sense of justice when human beings don't?


Retriever said...

About to post this,
inspired by Ben's misadventures...hope he is up to date on his rabies shots....In college I used to tease gullible foreign students that the begging squirrels (in our courtyard when we would eat lunch outside in spring) were all RABID.

Ben Wyman said...

Nature continues to fail to recognize me as a friend and not some sort of extra from Avatar.