Thursday, September 10, 2009

A General Note On Blog Commenters

Whenever I encounter in a comments section someone who has a standard signoff like "Cheers," or "Regards," it is abundantly clear that they really mean "F-you." This is especially true of people who sign off "Peace." Watch for it.

Probably not coincidentally, they make the exact same lame joke about my online name. To such folks I say And also with you.


Retriever said...

Rather like people who advance purposefully towards one (as one inadvertently wanders onto the road in their private association) saying "Can I HELP you?" Or who say Excuse me?

But I have to admit, there was a time when I used to sign notes to people "peace, and my name" and actually meant the sense of the saying in church, not some vapor brained PCer.

By the way, Elisheva has a good post up at Ragamuffin Studies this week "Crimethink: the Collectivist War on Ideas" She is awesome! (and I am brain dead because of all the hospital visiting this last fortnight...)

Robohobo said...

I agree.


[evil grin]

karrde said...

Right on!


Roy Lofquist said...

Dear AVI,

Sorry for being such a cretin, but my correspondence style was burned into my soul in 1954 by Mrs. Cutcliffe - she who had a look that could stop a charging rhino in its tracks.



Assistant Village Idiot said...

Ah well, my rule doesn't always hold, then, does it? You've always been a decent sort.

terri said...

This made me LOL...because it is so TRUE!

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Except for Roy, who feels obliged to use "Regards" on about every fourth comment.

Roy Lofquist said...


Back in the day, when even typewriters were not in widespread use, there was a rather elaborate etiquette regarding salutations and signatures. They distinguished between personal and formal correspondence and degree of intimacy. Kinda like not wearing white after Labor Day.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Well, I doubt that method taught the use of "Cheers" or "Peace" for a signoff, so perhaps it is your specific retro closing, "Regards" that is the exception, not you personally. I will have to be alert for that and not lump them into the same category.

Not at first, anyway.

raf said...

How about...

Your most obedient and humble servant,