Saturday, September 12, 2009

Best of June 2006

We were still debating stretching a wall along our southern border in those days. I interviewed an old New Hampshireman who thought we should build it for symbolic reasons, if nothing else.

Three years ago, it was still common to deny that the Religious Left even existed. I spent a lot of energy on that myth, and now no one doubts it. I think I'll take full credit. You're welcome.

Ned Flanders and Evangelical Pathology

Rush was wrong - sort of. And Buchanan is nuts.

One of the first pieces in my extended discussion of Cultural Tribes (sidebar), The Influence of Doonesbury.

Car Talk offers a political solution. I don't like it, explaining why using hamsters.

Hating Wellness Fair at work. Body worshipers.

How America works. Diffuse Power and No One Is Minding The Store.

Two ethical-religious discussions, on Pascals Wager and Proportionality.

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karrde said...

RE: the article about Wellness Workshops.

I think the physical wellness stuff is less important than social/political wellness.

Is there any way to put together a brochure? A short list of bullet-points about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Federalism, and separation of powers?

Perhaps a few short blurbs of wisdom: Every time you want to give the government the power to fix something, imagine that power in the hands of your political enemies. Do you still think it is a good ideas?

It seems more needed now that it did when you originally wrote it.