Friday, May 13, 2016

David Stockman

Maggie's linked this today. Trumped! Why It Happened And What Comes Next.  Stockman is viewing Trump from a strictly economic POV, but that includes what his foreign policy might be and how that will affect.

He views Trump much as I do, and he's better-informed about it than I am.  Donald's positives are things that might turn out okay but probably won't.  His negatives are overstated, but still not good.

I think it was James who suggested that we should always have a None Of The Above option and make it binding!  It puts me in mind of the tradition in black churches for the preacher to look over the offering and say "It's not enough!  Send it back!"


Edith Hook said...

Hmm. I think Stockman maybe more of an outlier than Trump.

Mark Anderson said...

I always vote, but I stopped voting for the lesser of the two evils, so I send in a lot of blank ballots. I like to think of them as two "no" votes.