Sunday, January 24, 2016

Advice From Bethany On Challenging Your Own Assumptions.

"Don’t just read what your side says the other side is saying, read the other side." (Italics mine.)


Sam L. said...

Of course, theses days, the other side is likely truly offensive. It may be deliberate, or it may not. Sometimes, they're just complete idiots. Or seemingly (possibly actually) insane.

bs king said...

With social issues, yeah, I will say this doesn't always make me more sympathetic to the other side. Frequently it makes me less sympathetic. At least then I feel good about being irritated at someone for their actual words.

This particular quote was actually about science disputes in particular. I think reading the best both sides has to offer can give you a pretty good sense of things. Most of the medical conspiracy theorists I know won't read even basic explanations of whatever they're protesting, and rely on their favorite snake oil salesman to tell them what the arguments of the other side are. Way too easy to be deceived like that.