Tuesday, June 30, 2015


There are articles circulating in supposedly objective news sources about the large number of recent fires - 6 - at black churches since the shooting in Charleston.  The articles I have encountered have been full of references to the shooting, and to the history of black churches being burned in earlier years.  Being suspicious, I traced them back, and it seems that only 3 are arson, and two are not suspected of being hate crimes and are not being investigated as such.

So that means there is one not-ruled-out (it didn't say "suspected") hate crime against black churches in that time period. I don't know how strong the evidence for that one is.  But doesn't that make the stories, and especially the headlines, er, dishonest?  It's almost as if those news sources are hoping that there will be some hate crime. Which means they would be glad to report on it, encouraging any number of mushy-headed or paranoid individuals to seek their fifteen minutes of fame.

As with so much else recently, it is best to wait.


Sam L. said...

Yes, there seem to be those who want a race war. Blacks killing blacks: No Big Deal (see lack of headlines). White killed, assailant not described: Read between the lines. Black killed by white: SCREAMING headlines.

ymarsakar said...

Is waiting on a fence something desirable or virtuous?

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Waiting for actual information.

Texan99 said...

"Hope" seems too weak a word. "Desperate determined"?

Some of that is like the frantic excitement you see on the Weather Channel when there's something that might conceivable become a named storm: traffic hunger. But there's also the "Global warming increases shark attacks" angle.

The Mad Soprano said...

With the way the media handles it, it makes it sounds like a bunch of racist white guys are trying to start the Civil War all over again or something.

jaed said...

The current Narrative - the story the media desires very much to tell us - reveals itself in absence of fact.

Look for news that doesn't seem to make any sense, that don't have supporting facts, or that falls apart on inspection. The articles that would not be pushed by sane, professional journalists. This is the news that wouldn't be news, except that it is helpful in constructing the narrative, and so we can look at such news to see which direction the media is trying to push us in.

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