Monday, January 06, 2014

Political Drinking Alignment

Ben sent this along from Deadspin. He thought the Jagermeister observation was about right.

 As a person whose entire cultural sympathies should lie with the liberals (they are only an overlap match with Democrats) but whose intellectual sympathies lie with the conservatives (an even weaker match with Republicans), my gut confirms some of this.  Every time I see Smoking Loon part of my brain goes that is a cool name, I should like this, while the other part goes that is a jerk name, don't touch it.  I consider Grey Goose, and especially Grey Goose flavored, to be hopelessly affected.  I would move away from a stranger who ordered the latter. Courvoisier I think of as something that was cool once, but is now drunk only by posers.

I drink some Jim Beam, because I want bourbon and I don't want to spend a lot.  But I wince as I buy it. I never buy Wild Turkey, but keep thinking I might if I'm feeling particularly retro some day.

I drink stuff in the middle, it seems, with Jameson's being high.  I would have liked the infographic better if the red-blue split had been more gradual.

 I don't even know what Don Julio is, though I assume it's cheap wine.


Donna B. said...

Don Julio is tequila.

Donna B. said...

The print is small, my eyes are old, but I didn't see any tequilas on the Republican side. That seems odd.

I'm not a connoisseur of wines, but there are at least four wineries listed on the Democrat side that I've learned to avoid.

Sam L. said...

I don't get out much. The last liquor I drank was a half-jigger of Scotch, by myself, on the occasion of the anniversary of the end of prohibition, from a bottle I've had since '86. Tasted pretty good. Don't hang around drinking people, so no comments on any of these.

Christopher B said...

I'm wondering if this isn't as much a pink-blue split as a red-blue one.

bs king said...

There's surprisingly little available about the methodology.

My biggest curiosity is how many people those very tiny bubbles actually represent.