Saturday, January 26, 2013

Link and Discussion

Kurt over at GayPatriot has linked to one of my posts, and suggests he is going to open a series on the social shaming nature of liberalism. I love attention, and I'll keep track of that. The problem is, it's a group blog, and as I have clearly demonstrated with Texan99 over at Grim's Hall and David Foster at Chicago Boys, I can't figure out how to set up my sidebar for their entries only.

Nothing against the other writers at those places. I read them myself. But the original thought was to keep the sidebar as a record of who is present at this salon. That fell apart years ago, but I do try occasionally to improve matters and get the census accurate. Cue the themes song for my intuitive understanding of HTML code that isn't completely straigtforward.

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Kurt said...

Thanks for mentioning my planned series of posts. I'm new to posting over there, and I'm only doing a few posts a week at this point. I'd estimate that maybe I'll devote one a week to this subject at first, though that might depend on what else is going on and how many more ideas and examples come to mind. (In other words, it might be once a week for a few weeks and then much less frequent after that.)