Monday, March 26, 2012


Just to note, commenter bsking's new blog Bad Data, Bad! is up on the sidebar.  You might guess her focus from the title...

I added karrde's Wilde Karrde last month and still can't get the name to behave.  His recent link to Vicious Stereotypes in Polite Society is quite good, BTW.

In general, the sidebar is a mess.  I comment on lots of the second list, but seldom at Sailer's anymore, for example.  A few blogs have stopped posting.  There are a few others I would like to put on.  But when I sit in the blogging chair, there are usually posts and comments that seem more important.  I'm a rude host and disloyal friend.


MaxedOutMama said...

Great blog, thanks for posting about it.

Sam L. said...

"I'm a rude host and disloyal friend."

Well, you have something to work on. I'm sure you will. And get better at being both.

bs king said...

People should clearly just do what I did, and write a blog that completely bates you in to commenting.

You've already given me two new post ideas, so thanks!

I was going to email you about it of course, hadn't quite gotten there yet. My guess is my dad told you. Either way, welcome!