Thursday, February 10, 2011

Best of August 2007

An insight into the meaning of the word "peace" before the 20th C, and how it doesn't affect our usage now as much as it should.

We want things simple, but reality doesn't oblige. The Crichton link no longer works, though.

Similarly, life doesn't obey our narrative. “Those quickest to condemn an overarching narrative have one of their own.”

I speculate on the counterfactual of Al Gore winning in 2000 in Al Gore and Iraq.

The association of black-and-white morality (in those cursed Others) with black-and-white photography, now so outdated.

Chris is out of the Marines and headed for Norway in two weeks, to stay with a Romanian brother and sister-in-law. Pictures and commentary from their wedding here. No this isn’t the post with J-A taking a hatchet to a pig. That one’s here.

The first-in-the-nation Primary is starting up again. My defense of why it’s a good thing, however irritated we get and left out you feel.

Onset of paranoia

Reading Taleb’s The Black Swan for the first time.

Why guys were attracted to journalism (the link to the female counterpart is now invalid)

What Tolkien disliked about Narnia.

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karrde said...

The comments about "Peace" put an entirely different focus on the title that Bible translators rendered as "Prince of Peace".