Sunday, April 04, 2010

Pushin' Too Hard

Questions arise: How have I never heard of this show, "The Mothers-In-Law?" What was it opposite that I must have watched instead? (Answer: Ed Sullivan on Sunday nights.) How did I not fall in love with Deborah Walley? (Answer: At 13, I likely saw her as older and intimidating, and didn't even allow her to register. She was five years older than Hayley Mills, after all.) Who would wear such a ridiculous cape? (Answer: I would have, at least onstage. With a medallion.) The question "Why aren't their instruments plugged in?" has no answer that makes any sense, but was typical of the times.

Similarly, there is a video on youtube of Bettie Page dancing to The Seeds. That open a sexuality would likely have intimidated me to near-disgust in 1966, and she didn't register in memory either. But with my now older eyes, I immediately shook my head and thought "she was molested as a little girl." Turns out that guess was right.

The Seeds? They went psychedelic, joined a religious cult with platitudinous teachings and lots of sex, and did reunion tours with other bands when they got old. The usual.

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akafred said...

The Seeds: Ah, LA Garage circa 1966. A perfectly fruity year.

I confess I can't recall this TV show at all. However, I was a fan of Eve Arden's comedic timing and deadpans.