Monday, December 28, 2009

Predictable Prediction

I doubt that I’m the first across the finish line with this, but I did want to get my predictions in early. When health care reform doesn’t work, it won’t be Obama or the Democrats’ fault. Whether it will be fault of some industry, such as insurance, or of conservatives, or of Congressional Republicans – that I can’t tell you. I think that could vary according to political circumstances.

There will also be a considerable number of people (I can think of several off the top of my head), who will be certain that health care in America is nonetheless better than it was, impervious to any actual data. Their impression that we are at last a “good country” will trump any health outcomes.

Regarding this last matter, I wonder if the desire to be thought of as a good country by some social standard is related to the deep insult non-believers feel at the suggestion that religious people don’t believe they also can be moral.* There is a touching, perhaps even childlike wish to “be good.”

*Answer: It depends entirely on how one defines one’s terms. Any individual unreligious person can be more generous or honest than many or even most religious people. They don’t tend to be so, but it certainly isn’t impossible. That tendency is unlikely to be accidental, but diverse explanations are possible. At great extremity, when the costs are very high, do religious people tend to behave better? Well, no one does very well, frankly, so no one should be bragging. But the few who behave morally even under duress tend even more strongly to be religious people. Yet caution must be applied in interpreting this. It may be that their religion makes them more able. It may also be that those of determined morality are more likely to seek out congenial religious systems. Egg. Chicken. As to the question of whether religious or nonreligious people are more moral by the definition of having warm feelings toward others, I consider this uninteresting.

Okay, that was three subjects in three paragraphs and a footnote. I’m displaying some lack of focus on this post.


pacificwaters said...

" won’t be Obama or the Democrats’ fault." Huh? WHo wrote the bill. Who is pushing the bill? Get real.

David Foster said...

"the desire to be thought of as a good country by some social standard"...I don't think the average "progressive" really *wants* to think of this as a good country--rather, he wants to think of himself as a superior person ("good" being only one element of "superior"), and to regard the vast majority of his fellow citizens as unworthy.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

pacific waters also had his irony shipment delayed by the Christmas rush.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

David, maybe so, but I recall Obama talking about not wanting his daughters to be embarrassed while traveling abroad. Liberals live by condescension, and are also very susceptible to it. Europeans play them very well on this.