Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bicyclists Attack Minivan in San Fran

Via Giacomo, there is this incident from SFGate.

Seems like an inconsistency of tolerance. Do people just get all entitled-feeling when they do something self-righteous?


jaed said...

FWIW, Critical Mass (somewhat in generaly, but very specifically the organization in San Francisco) has been pretty toxic for years now. Very very entitled, yes. Keying and hammering on people's hoods, not to mention yelling, is pretty common, and the attitude is not so much "let's ride" as "let's do all we can to harass drivers". Tolerance is not part of the picture because drivers are considered oppressors undeserving of tolerance.


Cappy said...

The police need to cut a bloody swath through the crowd. That'll teach 'em.